Posted by: sourceoffailure | June 11, 2008

Programming Gold

New feature:

“My microblog”

This is basically a short summary of whatever I say so that you don’t have to read all of my blog, aka an abstract in academia, or “The Argument,” if you’re Milton while writing Paradise Lost, so, voila, my first “microblog” post.

I was able to install and have found no trouble manipulating Adobe Illustrator to prepare the graphics for the Software Carpentry wiki. I found that a problem that I thought would be painless took about two weeks of time to prepare (purchasing and jumping through fortunately small obstacles).

And now the full post:

This is what makes me happy:

1 click install.

I had to install Adobe Illustrator on my machine in the lab today, and I noticed that I had come a fair way to get the problem solved (and yet in order to solve a larger problem).

And then, it reminded me: problems are recursive. (Or in other words, in order to solve a big problem you have to solve a smaller problem first.) Here’s the steps required:

Insane, but now I’m finally converting the graphics to put into the wiki (and getting that to work with DrProject is another huge problem tree in itself XD).

I’m just lucky I didn’t have to find some bizzare dependency for Illustrator.



  1. Speaking about Adobe’s monstrosity of CS3, this might be interesting:

  2. Your illustration of the process reminds me of GOMS analysis… see for an example.

    I am really glad I don’t have to analyze DrProject in THAT level of detail. 🙂

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