Posted by: sourceoffailure | August 24, 2008

Purpose Change

As summer ends, this blog also is nearing its end… or at least, in its original form.

The original purpose of this blog was to write about my experiences in software testing this summer. But being a computer scientist doesn’t simply involve testing. Where does that code come from? And how come it is so buggy?

I enjoy more than just software testing. You might be surprised, but seeing a stack trace gives me an incredible high, because I know that somebody else won’t have to experience it. It feels, in some ways, a little special (although I feel awful when I’ve introduced a bug into my own code, so I know what it feels like on the other side of the coin).

I also actually do like programming. That’s what I came here for. That’s what my reason for being in this business is for. I know for a fact that there are an innumerable number of programmers that are better, more advanced, and smarter then myself.

Instead, I simply want to do my part, play my role in this grand stage.

Being a computer scientist to me means I get to play many different parts. To become successful, one must become versatile and have many different skillsets to draw on during this technological revolution. One of my other disciplines, Political Science, calls this time the dawn of the knowledge economy.

Whether I code, test, design, draw, or write, the goal is the same: the development of the program at hand.

That’s why I love computer science; because programmers are not only scientists, but artisans.

It is often said that you change technology, while technology changes you. It changes the way you work. It changes the way you play. It changes the way you go about your life.

Few other professions offer such a possibility.

So as they say in radio,

So long for now.

PS. I will continue to post during school later this fall about all the things now listed.


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